All B. Nosy styles are made in China, Bangladesh and Turkey. We have a close connection with all factories.

B.Nosy works with the finest factories located in China, Bangladesh, Portugal and Turkey. We have a close connection with all factories and with a few offices abroad, we make sure that all goes according to plan. As a team, we try to visit the factories several times a year to check the work environments and if everything meets our standards and values. We continuously work to obtain transparency further back in our supply chain and to make positive changes wherever we have the possibility.

Meet one of the factory owners, Candy.

Her factory is located in Ningbo. She choosed to mainly work with women of all ages. The elderly women bring a nice atmosphere and have a secure way of working. Nice to know is, they get paid per hour, which ensures that the work pressure is not too high and that they can take enough breaks during their workdays. Fun fact: Candy’s mom also works at the factory and makes sure the factory is clean and tidy.