New York dress

Article number: Y808-7806
2 colours:

-           905 magenta herringbone print (picture)

-           945 herringbone aqua sky print

Quality: Jersey 95% cotton, 5 lycra

Description: B.Nosy dress with herringbone print and plain skirt. For all the cutest B.Nosy city girls! B.Nosy, B.Dreamy!

Price: €24,95



Article number: Y808-7500

4 colours:

-           309 aqua sky (picture)

-           106 peacock

-           384 crocodile

-           225 light red

Quality: Jersey 95% cotton, 5 %lycra

Description: B.Nosy leggings are a must-have. There is always at least one colour which will finish your look. Wear everywhere and combine always. B.Nosy, B.Smart!

Price: €14,95