Ruffle dress

Article number: Y808-7801
2 colours:

-           944 peacock bronze glitter print (picture)

-           943 light red crocodile leaf print

Quality: Jersey 95% cotton, 5% lycra

Description: B.Nosy festive dress with ruffles on front. The ruffle is finished with bright yarn which creates a cool contrast!  B.Nosy, B.Festive!

Price: €24,95


Striped tights

Article number: Y808-7004
3 colours:

-           256 candy (picture)

-           384 crocodile

-           106 peacock

Quality: Knitting 78% cotton, 20% polyamide, 2% elasthan

Description: B.Nosy knitted baby tights with stripe pattern. Easy and fun to combine with all sort of dresses and skirts.  B.nosy, B.Cute!

Price: €9,95