Roar long sleeve shirt

Article number: Y808-8404

2 colours:
-           106 peacock (picture)

-           701 mouse melee

Quality: Jersey 95% cotton, 5% lycra

Description: B.Nosy shirt with contrasting top parts and sleeves. On front you see the letters ROAR made from soft terry badges. B.Nosy, B. Wild!

Price: €16,95


Dino pants (fits one size smaller)

Article number: Y808-8601

4 colours:

-           941 dino mouse melee (picture)

-           106 peacock

-           940 dino parrot

-           939 dino turtle

Quality: Sweat 96% co, 4% lycra

Description: B.Nosy dino pants with contrasting top part.  Ready for an afternoon full of adventure? Wear this pants with this cool, graphic dinosaur print and be ready for your playdate! B.Nosy, Adventurous!

Price: €22,95