Sportive jacket

Article number: Y808-8300

3 colours:
-           311 frog (picture)

-           106 peacock

-           210 parrot

Quality: sweat 55% cotton, 40% polyester, 5% lycra

Description: B.Nosy sportive jacket with contrast top part and sleeves. This jacket has a zipper closure plus a sportive artwork on the front. B.Nosy, B. Sportive!

Price: €29,95


Sweat denim pants

Article number: Y808-8602

4 colours:

-           112 blue denim(picture)

Quality: Jogdenim 75% katoen, 23% polyester, 2% elastane

Description: : B.Nosy long pants from jog denim. How epic is this one? This pants has a waistband from rib with a cord in it. This pants look like denim and have the comfort of joggers! B.Nosy, B. Epic!

Price: €24,95