Rib sweat jacket

Article number: Y812-5301
4 colours:

-             286 candy (picture)

-             098 black

-             506 electric yellow

-             170 midnight blue

Quality: 100% cotton

Description: B.Nosy rib sweat jacket to wear on top of your coolest B.Nosy shirts. This jacket has an elegant cutline around the waist and closes with a zipper. Pick your favourite colour and wear this on a breezy spring day or a cold summer evening. B.Nosy, B.Cool!

Price: €39,95



Article number: Y812-5401
2 colours:

-             963 spots* 

-             956 panther( picture)

Quality: Jersey 95% cotton, 5% lycra

Description: B.Nosy shirt pop-art inspired with glitter light flash. The shirt has sporty vibrant tapes on the sleeves and a matching neck binding. B.Nosy, B.Shiny!

Price: €24,95

*Spots fabric is a bit more stiff than usual. After washing the garment with fabric softener, fabric will become more flexible.


3-layer skirt

Article number: Y812-5703
3 colours:

-             004 pearl (picture)

-             098 black

-             170 midnight blue

Quality: Jersey coated 95% cotton, 5% lycra

Description: B.Nosy festive pleated skirt with 3 layers. Wear this skirt with the Y812-5301 for a fancy outfit. More a rock kind of girl? Wear it with one of our denim tops! B.Nosy, B.Festive!

Price: €29,95