Denim blouse

Article number: Y902-6120
1 colour:

-           117 sky denim  

Quality: 100% cotton

Description: B.Nosy denim blouse with front pockets and back print. So great to pull over all kind of T-shirts when it’s getting a little cold outside! B.Nosy, B.Stunning!

Price: €39,95



Article number: Y902-6433
2 colours:

-           170 midnight blue

-           526 neon orange (picture)

Quality: 95% cotton, 5% lycra

Description: B.Nosy T-shirt with chest pocket and nice artwork on front panel. The colourful tapes at side seam makes this T-shirt so cool! B.Nosy, B.Great!

Price: €21,95




Article number: Y902-6622
2 colours:

-           386 fern green (picture)

-           507 neon yellow  

Quality: 98% cotton, 2% lycra

Description: B.Nosy colourful denim pants with fancy cord. B.Nosy, B.Handsome!  

Price: €32,95