Yes the new B.Nosy Summer collection is finally here! B.Nosy NUMBER 1 is our first delivery for all our number 1 girls!

This collection involves everything you need; neon, glitter, denim and an amazing jungle print. Not to forget the must have flared pants and ruffle items in this collection.

It is upmost perfect to already wear in December.


We got inspired by the stars, who doesn’t. In our theme Startruck you find black coated items & plissés and of course zebra. Animal print stays a must this upcoming season.

The combination of denim, black coated items and plissé gives the flawless balance between chique and cool.

We love panther and this time we put in a new material; There is no way you are not gonna love this theme, with a neon pink, sorbet pink, silver, army glitter and some dots.

This military inspired theme combines the cool army with the sweet pink panther print. You would be crazy not to want this!

 B.Classic cool, do this with stripes, leo and more leo! This theme involves girly silhouettes and awesome short which you can combine with the high knee socks. Want to finish your outfit complety? Wear it with the matching scrunchy.


Not to forget our B.Fancy  boys. In this collection you find a sporty sweatjacket, awesome t-shirt with amazing prints and suprising colour combination.

Lot’s of shorts and comfi pants can be found in this collection. B.Famous & enjoy the good vibes of this new summer delivery!

B.Great, to catch some great waves with our high summer collection. In this collection you finds lot’s of neons and a graphic summerbreeze print.


We picked the most spotless items from our boys and girls collection and translates these to our baby boys & girls. For our baby girls you can find, of course, animal prints like panter and leo. Neon colours, ruffles and more suprising items. For our baby boys we have cool sweaters, sweatvest and hip pants. Your baby will steal the show, B.happy, B.Nosy.


Okay, 1 more suprise! Upcoming summer we have another suprise, but we won’t tell you yet.. Follow us on our socials and be the first to find out.