B.Nosy, B.Fun, B.Sporty, B.Adorable, B.Cool, B.Though, B.Adventurous, B.Sunny, B.Cute…

With a very wide collection, containing a large variety of themes, every kid can shine in their own way wearing B.Nosy.

B. Nosy is a Dutch fashion brand made for curious kids who dare to dream. B.Nosy is founded in 2016 and the name reflects all kids, as nosy as they are to explore the world and give expression to all things coming their way.

With the collections of B.Nosy we try to contribute to that adventure by making outspoken, colorful and unique clothes for every kid and every fase. In addition to our main collection, B.Nosy also presents a B. Active sportswear collection, a swimwear collection and recently added a fantastic sleepwear collection.  All inspired by the most important element of everyday life: fun!

We try to focus on the kids and their future by producing sustainable fabrics using CMIA cotton and recycled polyester and polyamide. B.Nosy cares.